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Eucharistic Minister and Lector Schedule – Dec 9, 2017 – March 4, 2018

Eucharistic Minister and Lector Schedule – March 10/11 – June 2/3, 2018


Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion serve the Body and Blood of the Lord to the assembly as they come forward in procession.  When needed, they also bring communion to individuals at their pew.  They reverently offer the host or the chalice to each person during the communion rite, and help with cleaning up after Mass.

Revised Procedures for EM – eff. Oct 2012


Lectors proclaim the word of God to the assembly by reading the first two Scripture readings at Sunday Mass.  They give time to careful preparation of the text during the week.  One of the lectors usually carries the Book of the Gospels in the entrance procession, and places it on the altar as Mass begins.  The other lector usually announces the various petitions for which we pray in the General Intercessions. 



Ushers greet members of the congregation as they arrive for Mass and help find seating if needed.  They arrange for people to bring up the bread and wine, take up the collection, and assist with the communion procession.  Ushers are attentive to special needs, such as seeing that communion is brought to those who need the ministers to come to their pew.



Servers assist the priest and members of the congregation during the liturgy.  They lead the entrance procession and hold the book for the priest when he lifts his hands to pray in our name.  They help prepare the altar before the Eucharistic prayer, and do various tasks on special occasions such as carrying incense or holy water.  Children can be trained to become altar servers in 5th grade.  Adults serve at the early morning Masses during the week. 

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Music ministers lead the assembly in song.  Musicians, choir members, and cantors assist the whole congregation in participating in the sung parts of the Mass, such as hymns, acclamations, and psalms.  Parishioners may become members of the traditional choir, the contemporary choir, or serve as cantors or instrumentalists.


Decorate the Church

Decorating the Church is done for major liturgical seasons and feasts, with flowers, fabric hangings, or other materials.