The Worship & Spirituality Commission focuses on the Mass and Sacraments, devotional opportunities, preaching, and spiritual renewal.

Commission Meeting Minutes Template in pdf

Commission Meeting Minutes Template in Word


Priority areas and plans for 2016-2017
June 2017 overview of 2016-17 Worship Events
Worship Commission Meeting Minutes – January 2018
Worship & Spirituality Commission Meeting Minutes – 10/24/17



  • Educate parish on the Mass
    • Coming March 2017: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.  Through prayer, music, and reflection experience a deeper understanding of the Mass through a four evening retreat-like experience
  • Continue to develop the music ministry


  • Use bulletin to promote Sacraments and Funerals (e.g. upcoming weddings, list 1st Communicants)
  • Include parish more directly in celebration of Sacraments
  • Offer Reconciliation more often – Communal services and private

3)People/ Ministers

  • Continue to recruit via announcements, bulletin, and personal invitations
  • More structured formation for ministers (e.g. ½ day retreat)


  • Bring back Eucharistic Adoration starting in Advent
  • Increase frequency of Stations during Lent
  • Offer Evening Vespers in Advent & Lent
  • Special Mass / Prayer services for Marian Feast Days